General Contracting Services

At Schaefer Contracting, we can take your design plan from concept to completion. We are proud to produce high quality work efficiently to meet your deadlines. We’ve been providing services to the Midwest for 100 years.


Design Build

Schaefer can take your idea or need and turn it into reality. From concept and design to pre-construction planning, execution, and commissioning of new equipment; we can handle every step. Our experience with facility expansions and upgrades along with new construction has provided us with a wealth of knowledge to improve costs of long-term ownership and maximize your return on investment.

Diagnosis & Troubleshooting

Our team has experience working with existing equipment that is sometimes dated or installed incorrectly. We are able to make modifications to existing equipment to meet current design standards and improve on performance thereby increasing your facility returns.

Service, Repair & Shutdowns

Schaefer can aid with seasonal maintenance, scheduled or unexpected repairs. We also service plant shutdowns and can coordinate repairs and installations ahead of time to make the most of your valuable downtime. Through our wide range of vendors and suppliers we can also assist with parts procurement.

General Contracting

We gave the ability to handle the day-to-day operations and oversight of projects and subcontractors. Schaefer Contracting has developed long standing relationships with quality subcontractors that allow us to work together effectively and accomplish common goals on time and on budget.

Millwrighting / Equipment Installation

We can take on any scope of equipment installation and offer custom fabrication services. We remove, transport, and reinstall equipment of all sizes. Schaefer offers the specialty equipment to take on most any project.

Steel Erection

We can take on any type of steel erection project including support structures, metal buildings and more.


Our team can aid in planning for future growth as well as provide consulting services for such items as facility evaluations along with performance and compliance related goals.

Material Handling

We deal with it all: Receiving, weighing, sampling, handling, storage, processing, and shipping agricultural commodities.

Seed Processing

Our team understands the special needs of the seed processing industry. From seed handling and storage, cleaning and sorting to packaging and everything in between.

Emergency Service

Our team has experience responding to emergency situations where damage needs to be mitigated and resolutions to problems need to be resolved quickly.


We can help with storm cleanup, decommissioning equipment, and removal of condemned structures or equipment.

Industries and Markets Served

Commercial & Industrial

Grain & Feed

Ethanol & Seed Oil


Food Processing

Salt, Sand & Gravel

Our Members

Need Crane Services?

We have seven sizes of cranes. These include 40, 45, 90, 135, 150, 225 and 240 ton along with an extensive range of rigging and specialty lifting devices. All operators and riggers are licensed and certified. Having an extensive range of equipment allows us to be effective, cost-efficient, and responsive to our customers’ needs no matter the size of the project.

When you have a huge project on your hands, reach out to the experts to ensure it’s done well.